life transition coaching

Life Transition Coaching

The birth of a child
New work
Moving home and country
New relationships
Health challenges
Loss and change
Children leaving home
School change and homesickness

I see these life transitions often at work as we prepare for life beyond what we know- a fresh challenge on life’s journey, sometimes marked by doubt and confusion; at other times by clarity, generation, and action.

As a transitional life coach, I offer workshops and presentations to prepare and adapt to these changing life circumstances.

My workshops and talks are aimed not only at retirement preparation for older people but also at mental health and adaptation in the sport and entertainment industries.

A sports career is unpredictable, sometimes cut short by injury, loss of form and life circumstances. 

I know there is a space to prepare players and staff for the psychological challenges they will face, both during and after their playing careers.

Creating awareness and not avoidance of real psychological challenges is necessary. I can assist in these important life transitions.

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